Oreo: Android's Sweet New OS

android 8 oreo

Android 8.0 (aka Oreo) is the native OS running on Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and can now be downloaded on select devices as well. So what's new about Oreo that makes it worth an upgrade? Let's take a look.


Oreo's main focuses are speed and efficiency. Most of what it offers is under the hood, and won't be a huge change, visually. Having said that, the back-end improvements it does offer are pretty substantial.

The biggest and most obvious improvement is that Oreo cuts boot speeds in half on many devices. Seriously. As if that wasn’t enough, the new OS also handles background activities more efficiently, saving both your data plan and your battery life (which you can now see in your status bar). Pretty fantastic, right?

The upgrades in that paragraph alone make Oreo worth checking out. Of course, these are just the beginning.


Despite being performance-geared, Oreo is obviously not without some design upgrades. For example, users are now able to access a native picture-in-picture feature for video chatting, surfing YouTube, or a host of other activities requiring an extra viewing spot. This will undoubtedly be more of a plus for those with mobile devices featuring larger screens.

In addition, there are colorful notification dots which make notifications brighter and harder to miss, with a long-press option to see more information. Oreo also serves up over 60 brand new emoji (that's the plural form, believe it or not) and gives a facelift to its existing emoji catalog as a whole – moving forward, Android emoji are going to look a bit more like their iOS counterparts. Lastly, Google has also decided to make its icons decidedly more fun and animated, enticing more user interaction. 


All this, along with an all-new Android Easter Egg (we won't spoil it), a smarter copy and paste function that triggers app suggestions, and a few more other goodies that we’re leaving for you to discover on your own, Oreo promises to be a welcome upgrade for Android users.

At least until Android 9 comes out.

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