Social Ad Budget Tip: Optimize Your Landing Pages

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Testing and tracking is very important, but part of that process is monitoring those tests and campaigns for results and insights, and then tweaking your strategy to improve results. It’s important to not only optimize your social ads but to consider the full user journey which includes your website landing pages.

Designing campaign-specific landing pages can significantly impact your conversion rate in a good way.  By focusing on the main objective of the campaign, you help retain the user’s attention and make it easier for them to convert with one appealing call to action. Landing pages can be used for any campaign, whether it’s PPC, display, social media or even offline advertising. Make sure you set up event tracking and/or goal tracking in Google Analytics to measure conversions properly.  Landing pages can and should also be A/B tested for optimal performance.

Your landing pages should also be optimized for mobile. We’ve all experienced the pain of clicking a link on our phone that takes us to a site that is not mobile-friendly (or takes forever to load). Consider the user experience: if site visitors are coming to you from a mobile device then your landing pages should be mobile too. This can be a challenge with some legacy websites and integrations that are not yet responsive. If you aren’t ready to invest in a responsive website, consider creating mobile landing pages. This can help improve user experience.

design campaign specific landing pages

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