Social Ad Budget Tip: How Much is This Really Going to Cost?

social media budget

How much does it cost to get started with a social ad campaign? It depends. Most of the social networks say you can start for as little as $5 a day. Even Snapchat will let you start an on-demand geo filter for a few bucks. But is that really going to be effective? 

We suggest starting with at least $25 a day or few hundred dollars per week for one platform. Long-term strategy? Budget a few thousand over a quarter. 

Starting with a small short-term social media advertising budget is a great way to test and experiment, but if you really want to use ads strategically, they must be part of your overall marketing strategy. This means more consistent quarterly ad spends. 

Whatever budget you choose and whichever approach you take, clearly establish your objectives up front and define how you’ll measure success. Even with the right approach, it’s easy to burn through money fast. Safeguard yourself by knowing what to expect and having clear expectations.

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