Four Micro-Moments Your Digital Marketing Strategy May Miss

micro-moments marketing

Mobile has hijacked the traditional sales funnel: No longer does a user journey consist of one or two visits to your site that culminate in a solid conversion. Your visitors are looking at their mobile devices 150 times a day on average (Kleiner Perkins Caufeld & Byers, 2013 Internet Trends Report) and spending just over a minute each session (Flurry Analytics, Comscore, Q4 2014). These are critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.

Google has coined these touchpoints “micro-moments.” These moments in your customer’s journey are opportunities to engage and connect while building trust. Google has broken these moments down into the following categories: 

I-want-to-know moments happen all the time. What’s a healthy snack for my kids? What happened on Survivor last night? Why do I wake up tired? These are the very first moments where your brand could be a relevant resource. While they may not be in purchase mode, 85% of people use their phone for research prior to making a purchase. Find out what triggers your audience to seek information about your brand or product and introduce yourself early, during an I-want-to-know-moment. 

I-want-to-go moments indicate immediacy. They result in searches like: Best coffee shops near me. Closest sporting goods store to me. Best route to gas station nearby. Local search is very important in this step. If they are looking for a coffee shop near the location of your cafe, it’s important to show up in search results. However, if your cafĂ© is 60 miles away, your brand could be damaged if they are looking for somewhere within walking distance. Think like your audience. 

I-want-to-buy moments are critical. Does the product have good reviews? Am I getting the best price? Or a search for: Food delivery near me. In these moments, you need to have the logistical information about your brand ready for your audience. Prices, reviews, purchase process and location information are all critical. Are you making it as easy as possible for your target audience to buy? Cater to their situation and their mood and you’ll be their brand of choice. 

I-want-to-do moments are one-off situations where the user wants specific information. This includes searches like: How to tie a bow tie. Find casserole recipes. How to keep guacamole fresh. This is an opportunity for your brand to be an expert on anything related to your industry. This moment is unlikely to involve a purchase or an action but it builds your relationship with your audience and demonstrates your empathy for their situation. 59% of purchasers are influenced by a relevant search. Be the authority in your industry and become your audience’s primary resource.

Four Micromoments: Get Information, Find A Location, Weigh Your Options and Do It Yourself. 

Each touchpoint is a step in the mobile journey and an opportunity to be there for your audience. It can sound overwhelming but it all comes down to empathy. Know your audience. Put on their shoes and walk their journey to your brand. Once you understand your audience and their needs, micro-moments will be natural to accommodate. 

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