Hey User, What Do You Think? 4 Tips For On-Site Surveys

website user survey

Do you have questions you want to ask your website customers? Why not ask them yourself? There are numerous tools for site surveys that enable marketing teams to gather both quantitative and qualitative data right from the source. 

Over the past year, we’ve collected over 300,000 survey responses on behalf of our clients and have learned some best practices along the way. Here are four tips for creating surveys and integrating the insights into your overall web strategy.


There are likely many questions you want to ask your customers, but defining an overarching goal to start will help you focus on asking the appropriate questions. For instance:

  • Intent: Uncover the key reasons users are coming to your site – what is the purpose of their visit?
  • Usability: Are there specific sections of your site that hinder the user experience – is your website or a specific tool meeting user’s expectations? 
  • User Segments: Do you fully understand the different personas and audience groups that visit your site?
  • Competition: Which competitors are users considering and how do you stack up against them?


With website surveys, you have the ability to control when a user is prompted to respond. Here are some ideas: 

  • Show the survey after a visitor has visited several pages so they’ve had time to digest your content.
  • Create surveys for different channels: visitors coming from organic search may have different intentions than those coming from social.
  • Uncover issues by displaying the survey when a user is about to leave the site or only scrolls to a certain depth.


Your goal is not to wreak havoc on the user experience, so keep it simple. There will be users who decline the take the survey, so consider tweaking your first question or the survey length over time to increase the completion rate. Remember: 

  • 1-3 questions is enough (any more and users will begin to drop off)
  • Keep the verbiage simple
  • Include a mix of free-form questions for comments
  • Don’t be afraid to spice up the questions over time – it can (and should) be an iterative process


Having a survey is great, but if you don’t utilize the insights you are missing out. While at first the sheer amount of data might be overwhelming, there are easy ways to take action: 

  • Connect your survey tool to Google Analytics, Adobe or other analytics platforms to get the big picture.
  • Consider benchmarking the quantitative data on a monthly basis. Metrics such as audience breakdown, overall satisfaction rate by audience type, purpose of visit and survey completion rate can give a quick snapshot of your site’s health.
  • Complete a larger qualitative assessment on a quarterly basis. Digging into users’ commentary can help uncover valuable suggestions, customer stories and content ideas.

Want to learn more about getting started? Contact us or check out some of our favorite tools, such as Qualaroo and VMO

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