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Agile and Scrum: Built on Sprints

By Ashley Batzner

Agile development is a big part of life at Ascedia. Rather than using waterfall development, where projects are treated as a single chunk of work, we divide our projects into iterations or sprints. This allows us to break a project up into digestible chunks – and keeps our teams from biting off more than they can chew.

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6 UX Design Tips for Water Park Websites

6 ux design tips water park websites

By Diane Charno

When a family is looking to book a long weekend or extended vacation at a water park resort, the website user experience can be the deciding factor where they book. To demonstrate this relationship, Ascedia conducted user testing on two popular water park websites, Great Wolf Lodge New England and CoCo Key Water Park Boston. The result? A winning water park, as well as 6 tips for how you can improve your water park website user experience design.

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