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Shut Up: How to Write Web Content for Today’s Skimmers

content for mobile

By Luanne Wojciechowski

The truth is, people usually read less than 20% of content on any given webpage. Why? We are skimmers and prefer to do as little work as possible to find what we need. Although as writers, it might hurt our feelings to swallow that statistic (at least for those of us who consider ourselves the “creative writing” type), it is important to understand how to create content that is digestible and supports the way our users actually engage with our site. 

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting an RFP Response

stork brings rfp

By Tom Johnston

A site redesign project often starts with an RFP. By outlining your project requirements and inviting agencies to put their best foot forward, you expect a stack of responses that meet all of your needs. Instead, you’ve kicked off a long and exhausting process that is a lot like childbirth. While all of the struggle and strain pays off when your website is finally live, the process often includes a lot of challenges that aren’t quite what you were expecting. Why?

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Ascedia Wins 2016 Muse Creative Award

muse gold award logo

By Ascedia

Tags: awards

Out of more than 1,200 submissions from 33 countries, Ascedia has won Gold recognition in the 2016 Muse Creative Awards competition. The winning work was created by the Ascedia creative team for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board’s Eat Wisconsin Cheese website.

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We Break Stuff: Quality Assurance in Web Design

quality assurance

By Carlos Delgado

At Ascedia, we believe that everyone plays a part in contributing to the quality of our projects. From creative and development to sales and account services, all team members are involved in making sure our clients receive the highest quality product, and we have really high standards. But we also have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that is focused on testing our websites. Most people assume that we are only involved once the site is ready to go live, completing final testing to make sure everything works before it’s released to the public. Not the case! Here’s how we help throughout the design and development process.

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Getting Started with Web Accessibility

accessibility is critical

By Jessica Gleason

What if you had to try and get information you needed from a website without seeing its images? If you couldn't hear the audio on its videos? If you couldn't distinguish between the colors used in its diagrams? When it comes to websites, the effectiveness of accessibility tools can come down to how we build our sites and what kind of content we put on them.

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Travelers Spend $11.9 Billion in Wisconsin in 2015

national travel & tourism week

By Diane Charno

National Travel and Tourism Week – America’s annual salute to travel and tourism – serves to champion the power of the tourism industry. This week, travel and tourism professionals from across the nation promote the importance of tourism, including its economic impact on their communities. The Wisconsin Department of Tourism announced a nearly $1 billion increase in tourism economic impact in 2015.

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Ascedia Wins Four Communicator Awards for Web Design

the communicator awards

By Ascedia

Tags: awards

Ascedia was honored with four Communicator Awards for their innovative web design work. With over 6,000 entries received from across the US and around the world, the Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive awards program honoring creative excellence for communications professionals.  

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