10 Hot Trends in Marketing Data and Analytics

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Ascedia’s Digital Strategy & Research team spent an afternoon with Tableau to learn the latest trends in data analytics and business intelligence. Here are the top 10 things we took away from the session:

  1. Collaborative analytics are becoming the core of what we do as interactive data analysts. They allow us to have conversations, in real-time, with our data. No more “Let me get back to you on that question…” 
  2. There is finally a self-service way to clean and merge data. Plus, it can be done by the same person who is responsible for analyzing it all. 
  3. According to Bloomberg Technology, Tableau is the third fastest growing online skill for 2017. Ascedia has the capabilities to create dynamic dashboards, conduct visual reporting and provide business intelligence (BI) to our clients through the highest-class platform available through Tableau.
  4. IT, Marketing & Analysts are able to enable each other as we shift away from the transitional dependency models of the past. That means no more ticket queues (YAY!).
  5. Working with data is becoming more natural; in other words, it helps us answer questions we might not have even known how to ask just a few years ago. 
  6. The most important factors for getting a team to adopt new data methods are: a strong communication plan, education, cutting the cord (in other words, turning off the old sources), offering a white-glove service to start and tracking the usage and success of the new method. 
  7. Tableau has an awesome public gallery where you can browse report prototypes, get ideas and even test out new versions of their products. Check out some cool examples of dashboards below!
  8. Although many businesses are transitioning to the cloud, it might not be right for everyone. It’s still important to consider both your data and business needs.
  9. It’s time to stop limiting our analytics to static, multi-tab Excel reports. Thanks to embedded business intelligence, analytics can now live everywhere and in virtually any source. For instance, plug them into your team’s Salesforce dashboard or onto your company’s intranet. With easy-to-navigate and highly digestible data, the opportunities for how we share the information become endless.
  10. Lastly, data has become cool. For instance, phrases like “Talk Data to Me” and “Who’s Your Data” are totally acceptable nowadays (check out the awesome pins to prove it!). 

Read more about the 2017 trends Tableau is talking about and see how Ascedia can help you take your analytics to the next level.

Analytics of Women with Computer Science Degrees since the early 1970's

Source: https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/gallery/women-tech-whos-receiving-computer-science-degrees

Screenshot of analytics for the Greatest Music of All Time

Source: https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/gallery/goat-music

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