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Catering to mobile visitors is no longer optional for digital marketers — it’s a must!

In 2015, mobile web usage exceeded desktop in the United States and the discrepancy continues to grow in favor of mobile devices. Search engines have been on top of this trend for some time, by giving favor to websites that are configured for mobile devices in search engine results.

Beginning in April, mobile factors will become an even stronger factor for mobile organic indexing. Mobile-friendliness and indexed mobile app content will be a key aspect in mobile search rankings.

What does this mean for your website? It means that content must be accessible to mobile devices to remain relevant in search engines and ultimately to the user-experience of your visitors, which includes mobile-friendly keyword optimization, fast page download rates and content accessibility.

Mobile user-experience requires a different strategy than desktop. It’s important to consider your visitors’ mobile behavior to effectively optimize for mobile search terms and provide a user-experience that caters to a mobile audience. There are several tools to help you provide a positive mobile experience to your users, including Google mobile speed tests, webmaster tools and user testing. So no more excuses — Now is the time to get mobile friendly!

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Jackie Burhans, Senior Interactive Marketing Specialist at Ascedia, has been helping clients navigate the digital marketing terrain for more than 10 years focusing on analytics, research and data mining to develop robust digital strategies that deliver results and grow brands. 

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