The Importance of Culture

culture attracts talent

Everyone should have the opportunity to work in a company with a lackluster culture. One where you don’t know your co-workers and have never met the CEO. Why? Because experiencing beige culture helps you recognize the companies that inspire you and make you want to work for them.

Culture attracts talent, retains your shining stars and is the glue for your clients. It doesn’t happen overnight — it’s developed as your team works together on its primary focus of building a great product.

At the “Always Be Innovating: Thinking Like a Startup,” session at SXSW Interactive, culture quickly became a focus of the panel discussion. Greg Tseng, CEO of Tagged, expressed that founders need to establish a strong culture of innovation to allow a startup to grow.

“It all comes down to culture,” said Tgeng. “Every person you add is assimilated into your company’s culture and it has to start at the top.”

To attract the right clients and employees, the intangibles that make up the concept of culture need to come from leadership. Without the stamp of from the people with the vision on how a company should behave, you only have an employee handbook – not culture.

According to Hetal Pandya, co-founder of Easilydo, every new employee at Dropbox is taught about the company’s management and culture by CEO Drew Houston. This quality control provides transparency in expectations and allows employees to flourish within the company.  It also weeds out the employees who do not believe in the company’s mission and make for a poor investment in the short-term.

A company with a “work hard, play hard,” culture will attract different candidates than the company that focuses on family and aims for balance. By knowing who you are, you will attract the right employees to see your goals come to fruition.

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