Native App vs Responsive Website - How to Decide

responsive web

When trying to decide between creating an app or a responsive website, there is a lot to consider: cost, device support, user base, functionality, performance, and more.

To help figure out what features are important, I like to ask: If we build a responsive website, what don’t we get? And will our users miss those features?

Many times you’ll discover that most of what you need is possible with a responsive website.

A website has many advantages over a native app, the biggest being cross-platform support. Not only are you getting iPhone and Android support, it will work on tablets and desktops too. A website is also cheaper to build and maintain, and easier to update (no App Store approval process).

And just because you do a website doesn't mean you can’t do an app later. In fact, a responsive website is a great way to test the waters and get feedback from your mobile users. Then you’ll be even more prepared to launch a successful app.

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