Demystifying Digital Media for B2B Advertisers

digital media maze

Business-to-business marketers gathered at Ascedia on Tuesday, June 24, to learn how to simplify their approach to digital media planning. Ascedia led the workshop as part of Business Marketing Association of Milwaukee’s educational series to help marketers cut through digital media’s complicated ecosystem.

As customers access more information through smartphones and tablets, business marketers have had to adapt their tactics to reach customers in new channels. It is critical to lay a strong digital planning foundation that includes search optimization, paid search, display advertising, content marketing and social media.

With the foundation set, Tuesday’s event focused on the details of planning a display media campaign. The abundance of data partners and targeting has increased the ability for business marketers to hone in on their niche audience efficiently.

Participants were provided with Ascedia’s Media Maze Map to guide them through the process of combining the right media mix and creative assets to reach their desired audience. Discussion focused on the benefits of programmatic buying partners, B2B-focused ad networks and trade publications, how to leverage them and how to track their campaign performance and tie it to ROI.

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