Kentico + Ucommerce = Awesome!

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At Ascedia, we are very excited for the next release of Kentico and the recent announcement that they will be partnering with Ucommerce to provide an expanded e-commerce solution that extends their existing e-commerce application and is completely integrated with their content management system (CMS).

The next major release of Kentico (version 11) is going to include some very exciting enhancements in their e-commerce and online marketing offerings. Their product roadmap outlines numerous enhancements to e-commerce and online marketing.


  • Shopping cart calculations: an improved customization model to allow developers to address more advanced scenarios
  • Google Analytics: incorporate sales data into traditional metrics
  • Product categorization: new product organization options

Online marketing will include:

  • E-mail builder:  HTML output with the option to use widgets and macros, which means better-designed emails across all channels
  • Insight reports: new reports to track multiple marketing channels
  • New tools for e-mail marketing: improved personalization, A/B testing, and more

The partnership between Kentico and Ucommerce has resulted in a seamless integration of the Ucommerce platform into Kentico’s e-commerce application.  This suite of new functionality should help increase Kentico’s standing in the e-commerce market, as the companies will be able to expand on the already established set of e-commerce features in the CMS.

As a Kentico Gold Partner, the Ascedia team was able to check out a recent Ucommerce demo, and we’re most excited about these features:

  • Improved product information management
  • Faceted search, which improves the ability for users to find what they’re looking for with lower implementation overhead for the developer
  • Improved multi-store administration that allows marketers and administrators to manage data across many stores
  • Multi-store promotion management, complete with a rules generator that allows marketers to create custom promotions on the fly
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Order management

While Kentico’s current e-commerce offerings are great for certain customers, partnering with Ucommerce – a company that deals exclusively with e-commerce – to provide an extended feature set will further expand their presence in the market and show they are taking the steps to become a major player in the e-commerce space. From an implementation perspective, integrating Ucommerce into Kentico accelerates website development by adding a suite of new features and reducing overhead to get up and running in today’s competitive market.

If you’re interested in learning more about this partnership, contact us!

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