Five Ways to Engage Manufacturing Website Visitors


Your company’s online presence is an investment and not a place to save money. The rapid shift in demographics of manufacturing and industrial sector buyers brings with it a dramatic shift in information gathering methods, content and functional expectations, and buying habits. This points to a real need to evolve, as most experts anticipate a seismic shift by 2020. 

While the initial investment in a redesign might seem substantial, a great website will produce dramatically better results than a simply average website. Carefully planned content management, automation, lead generation and systems integration will pay untold dividends in efficiency and total cost of ownership for your organization. Together, the investment and efficiency can easily translate into significant ROI: six or seven figures in savings and lead-generation dollars.

Here are five things you can do today to accelerate your organization’s online evolution and keep pace with the rapid change in manufacturing customer and prospect decision making habits:

  1. Improve your search marketing approach: High search rankings and online advertising exposure can dramatically impact traffic. Just make sure the experience users have on your site once you’ve attracted them keeps them engaged and gives them the information they need efficiently.
  2. Optimize experiences for mobile consumption: If your target audiences don’t have a good experience on a mobile device, they’ll find it elsewhere. Don’t lose out to your competition because your site isn’t mobile-friendly. 
  3. Build trust with your online presence: An improved website shows growth and positions your company as viable, vibrant and relevant. While less quantifiable, the perception of your online evolution will build trust, which in turn bolsters lead generation efforts, sales efforts and competitiveness.
  4. Improve the user experience: User website habits have evolved constantly and more rapidly since the late 1990s. Expectations are high and the next generation of customers and prospcts is on your doorstep. A careful understanding of your target audience personas leads to a thoughtfully planned content and feature strategy, which fosters an effective website design. 
  5. Consider and plan for efficiencies: Oftentimes our clients focus on the investment when considering the ROI and total cost of ownership. A good online strategy takes into consideration the platform for the website, systems integrations, resources and business processes and finds a way to bring them together efficiently with amazing results and savings.

The key to an impressive ROI on your website redesign is to focus on the features customers care most about – because that is what will have the greatest impact. The new manufacturing and industrial sector buyer is here. Has your digital marketing strategy evolved to prosper?

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