Top 5 Tips for Winning Product Listing Ads

product listing ads

Google Shopping gives you an opportunity to hone in on your target audience and feature prominently when they’re searching for items like yours. Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are a major traffic driver for e-commerce, but it can be overwhelming to get started. If you’re interested in increasing your sales, read on for five easy tips for effective ads.


Before posting your products, research how unique your items are compared to other items listed in Google Shopping. Start with items you don’t see anyone else listing on Google Shopping or products where you can beat others’ price. If there already five listings for an item, focus on an aspect of the item that other listings can’t offer such as price, size or color.


High-quality product shots are key. If you’re selling clothing, use high-quality pictures of people wearing the items. For example, if you’re selling swimsuits, show a picture of someone wearing the swimsuit versus a product shot. This will increase your click-through rate – people like to see how things fit!


Make sure you’re staying competitive from a price perspective by constantly comparing your price offering to what others have listed for the same products within the shopping network.


Promote the item’s brand right up front with key item content. For instance, if you’re selling a pair of shoes, include the brand name and item description (or type of shoe) right after the title (as in “Nine West Pumps”). Front load your description tag with words you think people are searching for. After the campaign has been live for a few weeks, review the search terms tab in AdWords to see what keywords led people to click on your ad and optimize your description tags with those search terms.


Once you have your feed set up and running smoothly in AdWords, bring that feed over to Bing Shopping. You can easily import your product feeds into Bing Ads, which showcase products in a larger format with images, text, pricing and your company name. Since these ads show images of the products at the top and side of the page, the CTR for those ads is often higher than text ads without visuals.

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