Three Ways to Win with Programmatic Marketing

programmatic marketing

The impact of programmatic marketing is undeniable. When done well, it enables organizations to hone in on their most desirable audience and present the most relevant content cost-effectively. When done poorly, it makes your marketing seem off-base and impersonal. Read on for three ways to get the best results from your programmatic marketing campaigns.


The first step of any successful marketing campaign is a set of clearly defined goals, and programmatic marketing is no different. In order to measure the true value of your programmatic marketing efforts, it’s important to pay close attention to the results of your campaign and track the numbers against a tangible lead generation or sales goal. While part of the draw of programmatic marketing comes from automation – the ability to use algorithms and settings to execute tactics – that doesn’t mean you can launch your campaign and walk away. Instead, take advantage of the available data to evaluate and improve upon your results – and learn even more about your audience.


Programmatic marketing allows you to target your messaging across a wide variety of channels, from display and mobile to social and video. New technology and techniques often cause experienced marketers to proceed with caution, choosing to experiment with a single channel before expanding into other areas. Programmatic marketing works best when you develop a comprehensive media plan that allows for a broad range of tactics and includes time and resources to test each one and optimize results.


The thought of following my first two suggestions might be turning you off on the idea of programmatic marketing. Sift through tons of data? Manage multiple channels? Test and re-test my messaging? It’s a lot for a marketing department to handle. The right technology can help: a demand-side platform (DSP) can streamline the process of bidding on, buying and publishing digital ads across channels. The tool can help you manage your campaigns and provide valuable metrics that will help you maximize results – if you know what to do with the data. An experienced partner can help you take control of the data – and your program – to optimize your campaigns in real-time, and will work with you to build an effective long-term strategy. 

If you’re ready to talk about the possibilities with programmatic marketing, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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