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Co-Creation and Interactive Marketing

Do You Trust Your Digital Marketing Agency?

agency partnership

By Tom Johnston

Avidan Strategies’ 2015 Client/Agency Relationship Survey uncovered some troubling statistics that point to a lack of trust in marketing agencies.

  • Only 16% of marketers on the client side find agencies “very good” at orchestrating integrated solutions
  • 73% of clients find agencies incapable of uncovering genuine consumer insights
  • Almost 50% of clients feel agencies don’t know their business well enough and are slow to respond to market dynamics

This lack of trust and declining confidence has led to increased internal hiring of marketing staff. It has also led to more frequent client turnaround on the agency side, as businesses keep searching for a partner that fulfills their idea of what an agency should provide within often-strict budget constraints.

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Three Ways to Win with Programmatic Marketing

programmatic marketing

By Brent Kaufman

The impact of programmatic marketing is undeniable. When done well, it enables organizations to hone in on their most desirable audience and present the most relevant content cost-effectively. When done poorly, it makes your marketing seem off-base and impersonal. Read on for three ways to get the best results from your programmatic marketing campaigns.

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New Year, New Server

website hosting services

By Scott Anderson

It can be challenging to keep up with changing technology, but it’s critical to keep pace when it comes to servers. Ascedia is invested in technology, and we take advantage of the latest developments to ensure everything is up-to-date for our clients. We implemented various enhancements in 2015 that will improve results for our clients in the coming year.

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