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When To Follow the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

HTTPS: Five Months to Mandatory


By Ascedia

Since 2015, the search provider has prioritized HTTPS pages to protect users from cyber attacks. Google started by downranking pages using HTTP and, over time, began labeling HTTP sites with user login or payment features as “Not Secure.” Starting in July 2018, they’ll be taking another big step in their mission to promote web security. All websites that use HTTP URLs will have a “Not Secure” label in the Chrome address bar regardless of page content.

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How To Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

voice search

By Nikki Kowbel

With an increase in mobile device usage and the surge in voice-controlled smart speakers, voice search should be on every marketer’s radar. Users are forgoing the keyboard and asking their devices questions in natural language, from “what will the weather be like tomorrow?” to “what are the best burger restaurants near me?” These devices are changing the way people listen to music, plan their days, and even the way they gather information. Voice search gives users a single answer rather than several pages of search results, so it’s important to take steps to help your brand be that single answer.

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How the Facebook Algorithm Change Will Affect Your Brand

facebook algorithm update

By Nikki Kowbel

Tags: social media

Facebook’s recent algorithm change was designed to restore the social network’s emphasis on personal connection, effectively deprioritizing branded content in favor of more baby pictures and what people are eating for lunch. What does this mean for your marketing content?

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