When Is an Idea More Than Just an Idea?

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Business ideas are a dime a dozen. At one point or another, everyone has come up with an idea for “the next big thing.” With new ways of investing in production and development, more of these concepts are being brought to market every day. 

Funding is only one stepping stone on the path to success, and there are plenty of ways to get money to support a business idea. But as most inventors know, having a pile of money doesn’t guarantee that their new product or solution will stand the test of time. 

What separates the good ideas from the great ones – and what separates our sister company Knihter from other agency incubators – is strategy.

Knihter was brought to life by the same co-founders that started our digital marketing agency 15 years ago. Dan and Mark are born innovators and have always had the desire to bring new ideas to life, whether it be a website, a new spin on marketing services or a creative brand refresh. This spirit of innovation led them to create our agency, which is filled with entrepreneurs at all levels. Everyone at Ascedia has a desire to create, and our team has the experience, expertise and perspective to challenge our clients to look at their business problems with fresh eyes. This passion for innovation allows our agency to provide added value to our clients by offering strategy alongside services. We don’t just execute – we push through the tactics to develop a bigger idea. It’s this vision that drove Dan and Mark to create Knihter.

Often someone with an idea is so close to it that they can’t see it clearly anymore. They’re locked into one angle and it’s the only way they’re able to view their concept. To the originator, it’s a gold mine. It’s perfect as is. The only roadblock that THEY perceive is funding. However, Knihter has uncovered the real roadblock that derails many great ideas: strategy. Aside from absorbing part of the financial risk of launching a new product or concept, Knihter also provides an outside, objective perspective that helps get innovators out of their own heads. The company also provides access to a team of individuals with a broad set of expertise that often extends beyond the originator’s skill set. 

One such idea recently came to life: hankr, a highly visual food-finding app that helps users fulfill their cravings. This idea came from a business associate, who brought it to the Knihter team to help evaluate the viability of the concept, create a strategic plan and ultimately take it to market. Knihter and Ascedia worked closely together to build the app and develop a marketing strategy that helped sell the concept to participating restaurants as well as to users. The app is now available for download for Apple and Android devices and is picking up steam in the Milwaukee market. 

Knihter and Ascedia are cut from the same cloth and share a common viewpoint when it comes to business: a good idea combined with a solid strategy breeds results. Without strategy, an original idea can become a brief flash of brilliance rather than a solid concept with staying power. It’s important to take that same strategic approach to digital marketing. We encourage our clients to consider new strategies and to rethink their original ideas – and this leads them to even greater success in the end. 

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