Five New Year’s Resolutions… For Your Website

digital marketing resolutions

Looking to improve your digital marketing results in the new year? Consider these five resolutions for your website.


Your website may not need to hit the gym next year, but there are things you can do to help it stay healthy. Don’t put off maintenance that will keep your site up to date and secure, and if you’re using third party services, make sure those relationships still work for your website. Make sure your website is following the latest standards for performance and accessibility so that it provides an ideal user experience.


Many people resolve to spend more time with the people they hold dear, and, for your website, that means your visitors. Instead of guessing at what your users need (or getting caught up in your own assumptions), resolve to measure what your users are actually doing and whether THEIR goals are actually being met. Tools like heatmaps can reveal what users are doing on your pages and analytics platforms like Google Analytics can provide valuable insights. You might even consider running user tests to get a sampling of what actual people think of your website.


Do you want to do more reading in 2018? Consider how your reading habits could help improve your website. The new year is a good time to go back through that list of Twitter followers or bookmarked blogs and figure out what content is still relevant to you, and find new sources for inspiration as you kick off a new year of digital marketing. (Did you know Ascedia has a newsletter?)


A new year is a good time to clear the clutter out of your life, and your website might need some decluttering too. Is your code using best practices to stay clean and maintainable? Did that “quick fix” ever get replaced with a long-term solution? Is your content easy to find? If not, it might be time to start plotting a redesign.


Picking up new hobbies and skills helps to keep you well-rounded, and you want to keep your digital marketing brainstorming fresh and cutting edge as well. How much do you know about augmented reality and virtual reality—have you explored how these trends could benefit you? Can you make use of the advances that have been made in machine learning

At Ascedia, our resolution for 2018 is to help you achieve yours! Let us know how we can help.

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