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It’s a Multi-Device World: Millennial Travelers’ Shopping Behaviors

millennial mobile booking

By Diane Charno

Disruption in mobile computing is happening at a breakneck pace, and it has completely altered the way consumers shop for, book, share and experience travel today. Smartphone penetration has surpassed 90% among U.S. adults in the 9 short years since the launch of the first iPhone. When it comes to travel, more and more travelers are planning and booking from their smartphones, particularly millennials. 

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Is Your Website Compliant With Accessibility Laws?

accessibility laws

By Ascedia

Did you know that website accessibility laws and requirements are being strictly enforced to eliminate technology barriers for those with sensory disabilities to protect their civil rights?

Your website could be keeping users with visual, hearing, or other impairments from enjoying the full experience of your website content.

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