Fashion Goes Viral: Content Sharing as Word of Mouth

meteorologist dress collage

Last week, the Internet noticed that female meteorologists around the country were all wearing versions of the same dress. What are the odds? While certainly there are rules that govern what’s acceptable to wear on camera, this dress goes beyond a dress code: it’s a prime example of social sharing of content.   

The story of the $23 “meteorologist dress” is that it was shared in a private Facebook group for female meteorologists. The dress was a unique design that met the on-air criteria for most news stations’ dress requirements – and was extremely flattering, to boot. More than 50 meteorologists purchased the dress, giving it airtime in more than 50 cities across the country. After the story went viral, searches for the “meteorologist dress” skyrocketed (in fact, one of Ascedia’s account managers purchased the dress too!):

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Whether you’re selling clothing or ideas through thought leadership, content sharing can create an enormous ripple effect with low upfront cost. To encourage content sharing, the first step is to ensure your site’s user experience allows for low committal sharing. Social sharing buttons on content blocks or on images provide an easy way for visitors to share your content. Additionally, short, intuitive URLs will provide easy link sharing.

After your site is set up for simple sharing, give your visitors a reason to share your content! The content you produce should always be unique and must provide a clear value to the visitor to drive them to share it. Analyzing your content by asking “what makes this shareable?” is a very effective way to identify ineffective content within your site and create other content with higher potential for engagement.

If that’s not reason enough, content sharing is becoming an increasingly important factor for SEO. Search engines use content sharing as validation of a site’s value, which directly translates to increased domain and page authority. Sites with more shared content and external links to the site easily rank higher than sites with less or no shared content. (See Google’s Panda algorithm update for more information.)

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and content sharing is the digital version of word of mouth. Invest in providing high value, quality content and your visitors will advertise for you. Ascedia can help you generate this type of win-win situation with your website – contact us for a content audit today.

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