Quick Tips: Who Should Create My Content?

content marketing strategy

What’s the difference between creating content in-house, as a tactical one-off with an inexpensive freelancer or hiring a content marketing agency?

Once you’ve developed a content strategy and planned which pieces to start with, someone has to do the work. Your company might already have an in-house marketing team, so you might assume that they can take on the task of creating branded content. Not so fast!

Remember that content marketing is an ongoing process, so you must have dedicated resources for it, whether you choose to add the work to your existing staff or hire new employees. Creating great content requires expertise – if your marketing team primarily focuses on other tasks, it will take time for them to get up to speed. This is a major investment of time and resources.

Hiring a freelancer to create a one-off content marketing piece is a less-expensive route to take. While you can hire a freelancer on a repeat basis to create new pieces, they may lack the deep understanding of your business that is required to assist with strategy and develop meaningful content. Many freelancers also specialize in one type of content creation, such as videos or infographics, which means you’ll have to spend time vetting different contractors for each medium you want to publish in.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency is the best of both worlds. You get the expertise of a dedicated marketing team and the flexibility to allot your budget to specific marketing tactics that reinforce your goals. An agency with broad digital marketing experience can help guide your marketing strategy and create a complete suite of content that aligns with your business initiatives. A content marketing agency learns the nuances of your company, becomes an extension of your team and could even cost less in the long run while creating the best possible content for your business.

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