Quick Tips: Defining Your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

There are many ways to define a content marketing strategy, and the route you take depends on your goals.

  • Align with business initiatives. As you go through annual planning or a mid-year review, take a look at the key initiatives and goals for your company. If you’re falling behind in a particular area, consider developing some content to help generate interest.
  • Assess the competition. Take a look at what your competitors are doing on their website and across social platforms. Can you do it better?
  • Ask your clients. Conduct a client survey to learn what publications your clients read and the topics they are interested in. Their feedback can help you create a plan that will engage the clients you currently have – and bring in new ones.
  • Audit your sales materials. That drawer of dusty sales brochures could use a refresh. Start by updating existing product literature to put a new spin on your message.
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