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Customer Experiences, Critiques & Collaboration: Tips for User Testing

Is Your Website an Expense or an Asset?

website development strategy

By Bob Sabinash

Expenses and assets are necessary components of running a business located on opposite sides of the balance sheet. As you know expenses are the costs associated with running your business, while assets provide a future benefit. We control and reduce expenses and we try to build assets. Websites can be an expense or an asset depending on your company’s mindset, and its impact as part of a larger digital marketing strategy is greatly affected by where the website falls on this spectrum.

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Actionable Data is Valuable Data

actionable data

By Tom Johnston

Periodically, marketers will panic over one single metric. Focusing on one piece of data in isolation without considering the bigger picture is risky. User experience is a complex set of puzzle pieces, and each one plays an important role in the success of your digital marketing strategy. No metric can truly stand alone, and broad-brushing your results based on a single measurement can tank your overall strategy.

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Big Data Is Here. So Now What?

big data is here

By Mark Roller

While many organizations operate in silos, it’s the interconnectedness of various departments that drive long-term success. Big data is a critical ingredient in creating cohesion and keeping your company moving in the right direction.

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