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Lessons from Preparing a Website Privacy Policy for GDPR

What’s the Deal with Google Meta Description Length?

By Rob Browning

At the end of last year, we noticed that Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) were generating longer snippets. We weren't alone. In December 2017, Google officially confirmed this change. This adjustment was to give users more useful and descriptive information. Google lengthened their descriptions to about 300-320 characters from the traditional 150-170 characters. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, like us, took immediate action. Longer descriptions meant more opportunity for optimization. 

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Using Technical Debt To Your Advantage

By Jessica Gleason

A website or app with a lot of technical debt can be difficult to maintain. It can be the source of urgent problems at inconvenient times, get in the way of new work, and make it hard for new developers to make sense of the project. But that doesn’t mean that we should (or even can) make it our goal to never create technical debt.

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Kentico EMS: Best of Both Marketing Automation and CMS

Kentico EMS

By Ashley Remington

With an overwhelming amount of specialized microservices available for your company's marketing needs, it's hard to identify whether you are using the right ones and getting the best bang for your buck. Between hefty license fees and the overhead associated with learning, navigating, and managing separate third-party tools, time and money can easily be wasted.

Having all of your marketing tools within a single interface can eliminate these challenges — exactly what the Kentico EMS was built to do.

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Technology Progresses... to Progressive Web Applications

progressive web applications

By Chad Donnick

The ever-changing world of technology extends far beyond hardware. If you look deeper, you’ll find that the software that is driving the basic actions we complete on a daily basis – and often take for granted – is changing too. It’s this constant state of change and the way we interact with technology that is driving the development of new solutions to accomplish things we previously never even dreamed of.

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When To Follow the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

5 ways to analyze trends

By Ascedia

We work in a constantly changing industry, with new technology and new methods popping up all the time. Ascedia has always kept one eye on the latest trends and has strategically adopted those that are most beneficial to our clients. Our digital strategy and research team is continually analyzing the latest changes to algorithms, reporting methodologies, and automation tools to decide which are here to stay and those to ignore. 

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