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Ascedia Wins Two Davey Awards

Schlitterbahn Receives Wave Review Award for Best Website

Schlitterbahn wins 2015 WWA Show's Wave Review award with Ascedia

By Ascedia

Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts was recognized at the 2015 WWA Show for its work with Ascedia, winning the 2015 Wave Review Award for best website in its attendance category. The Wave Review Awards honor businesses that demonstrate superior marketing strategies within the water leisure industry, and are judged by marketing and advertising professionals on originality, creativity, innovation and overall excellence.

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Creating Superior Customer Experiences with Digital Tools for the Channel


By Mark Roller

Many luxury brands have recognized the importance of digital media and have placed it at the core of their business, using social experiences, web sites, video and other interactive media to enhance their brand image and increase consumer engagement. Digital marketing strategies are largely consumer-focused, as they are often designed specifically to enable brands to become more high-touch with multifaceted consumers. But many brands miss opportunities to support and engage the channel through digital marketing.

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Tourism Website Design and the Traveler's Journey

5 stages travelers journey

By Amy Paul

Most people think of the stages of travel as packing, driving to the airport and flying to their destination, without realizing that travelers first go through a multi-step purchase cycle. Whether a traveler is dreaming about their next vacation or actually experiencing it, your website can cater to the needs of visitors in each stage of the traveler’s journey.

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Taking Small Steps Toward Agile Marketing

agile marketing

By Nikki Kowbel

In last week’s BMA Milwaukee keynote presentation, Dave Cluka of Briggs & Stratton made some compelling arguments for an agile approach to marketing and using A/B testing to improve customer experience. Agile marketing uses short-term iterative projects to drive results, giving you the opportunity to react more quickly to user feedback. Even if you’re not ready to completely overhaul your digital marketing strategy and go agile, there are a few philosophies that you can easily apply to the work you’re already doing.

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