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Four Unspoken Truths About Your Client Relationship

client relationship

By Tom Johnston

Tags: agency life

“It’s not personal, it’s business.” As the line between personal and professional become even more blurred in our always-on culture, communication skills and empathy are increasingly important. When interacting with clients, it’s critical to prevent an “us vs. them” and recognize that we are all on the same team and have shared goals.

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Process Definition: The Key to a Successful System Integration

system integration

By Gordon Kessler

There are so many new tools on the market, each making the claim that this piece of technology will solve your biggest business problems while helping you make a ton of money. And it’s true that these tools can have a major impact on your organization – if they are properly implemented. As an application developer, I’m responsible for making disparate business systems work together. A successful implementation is dependent on a well-defined process. 

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Five Ways to Engage Manufacturing Website Visitors


By Brent Kaufman

Your company’s online presence is an investment and not a place to save money. The rapid shift in demographics of manufacturing and industrial sector buyers brings with it a dramatic shift in information gathering methods, content and functional expectations, and buying habits. This points to a real need to evolve, as most experts anticipate a seismic shift by 2020. Here are five things you can do today to accelerate your organization’s online evolution and keep pace with the rapid change in manufacturing customer and prospect decision making habits.

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