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Cielo, the leading provider of global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions, helps clients achieve exceptional business outcomes through talent practices. By tailoring RPO solutions to each organization’s exact needs based on values, business objectives and need for specialized talent, Cielo is able to act as a transparent extension of its clients’ HR teams. In 2016, Cielo engaged Ascedia’s marketing services team to support their internal team and provide added value in the digital advertising space.

strategic planning

Strategy + Administration = Value

Cielo was seeking an agency partner to manage their pay-per-click advertising account and develop new campaigns, along with building a strong partnership with Cielo’s third-party programmatic advertising provider. In addition, their desired agency partner would provide detailed analytics and reporting to enable Cielo’s marketing team to effectively communicate the value of their digital marketing initiatives to leadership.

Ascedia’s marketing team was able to check all these boxes and provide additional strategic insights based on data review. From the beginning of the engagement, Ascedia was readily accessible to Cielo’s marketing executives to review analytics, answer questions, provide strategic insights and suggestions for improvement, and quickly respond to requests for additional analysis.

targeted digital marketing

A Highly Targeted Digital Strategy

Cielo sought to increase conversions and click-through rate while also improving the quality of lead generation. A primary goal for the digital marketing program was to find ways to specifically target key accounts through account-based marketing, while secondarily targeting new prospects and building brand awareness.

Ascedia began the engagement by conducting extensive keyword research and restructuring AdWords and Bing accounts for maximum effectiveness. The team also developed creative banners for display campaigns. The team leveraged programmatic media buying using real-time bidding to get placement on select sites.  Ascedia recommended a combination of remarketing, behavioral and contextual marketing, and also used content syndication to share thought leadership and generate leads.

In order to reduce the strain on Cielo’s marketing executives, Ascedia also became the primary contact for Cielo’s programmatic and account-based marketing provider. After refining the programming and specifying target accounts, Ascedia consolidated all of the digital marketing data into a single monthly report. The report spans beyond a traditional data document and is pre-formatted to be shared across the global organization. 

agency partnership

A Truly Engaged Partner

Much like Cielo, Ascedia provides true partnership and digs into its clients’ business issues as if they were their own. The relationship is based on open communication and honesty, and Cielo appreciates that Ascedia offers personalized insights and innovative ideas that drive results. Ascedia’s team is always accessible to Cielo’s marketing staff, who can ask questions, request more information or bounce new ideas off of the group.

Cielo is involved in their digital marketing strategy every step of the way, from the initial strategic planning sessions to ongoing campaign strategy. The team is also heavily engaged in reporting and optimizations, taking time to coordinate new strategies with Ascedia’s marketing experts.

digital marketing results

Early Results

In the first nine months of Cielo’s engagement with Ascedia, the team has seen the following results:

Programmatic Display Advertising

  • 200% increase in traffic
  • 16% increase in pages per session
  • 600% increase in average session duration
  • Nearly 4 million impressions delivered
  • 56,000+ hours of brand exposure 

Paid Advertising

  • 20% increase in traffic
  • 24% increase in new users
  • 131% increase in lead conversions 

Account-Based Marketing

  • 76% penetration rate (793 of 1,043 targeted accounts reached)
  • 48,000 impressions delivered to key decision makers