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Manufacturers and distributors of consumer and industrial goods often struggle to guide their customers through a complex purchasing decision. Your digital presence is your first chance to make the right impression at every stage of the buying cycle - from initial contact through in-depth research - and Ascedia can create a manufacturing website design that attracts the right clients. 

Ascedia helps manufacturers clearly communicate their offering through digital and mobile channels and generate high quality leads for you and your partner channel. We find connections with your customers online and grow brand presence and leadership in your sector. We employ smart, analytics-based industrial web development solutions that generate results.

With 15 years of experience building manufacturing digital marketing solutions, our team of Ascedians have evolved a disciplined approach that our clients truly value.

Diverse Brand Experience

We've worked with a wide range of manufacturers and distributors of consumer and industrial goods.

As a result, we understand how business needs change from one sector to the next. As technologists, we build custom solutions to meet your business’ unique needs. As marketers and strategists, we know how to use insights, technology and creative to create new connections and drive leads for your business. Marketing automation, community management and digital advertising are just a few of the tools in our belt. Ultimately, we want to grow your business so you can build more of what you love.