Apple iOS 9 Upgrade: Three Things We Can’t Wait to See

apple ios 9 upgrade

Touted as a “better experience with every touch,” promises the new iOS 9 upgrade is chock-full of enhancements iPhone users will appreciate. Like, really appreciate. Apparently, after you begin using iOS 9 you’ll wonder how you functioned without it. 

We’re already doing our happy dance, so the pressure is on, Apple. As we wait, our “watchlist” is growing. Here’s what we’re looking forward to most in the iOS 9 upgrade:

1. A New Way to Get the News. In iOS 9, built-ins for your iPhone and iPad are specifically designed to make checking the headlines even more convenient. According to Apple’s upgrade preview, news will be aggregated into a single app, and you’ll be able to enjoy your news with a side of really pretty pictures and a more interactive, engaging experience thanks to video, galleries and other animation. In addition, the ad experience will mirror powerhouses Amazon and Google and serve up only the content most relevant to you and your interests. You’ll be able to easily save favorite stories, share them and more. This type of enhancement reflects an internal philosophy at Ascedia: give our clients something they didn’t even know they needed. This News app might not be something every user was asking for, but it could be the answer to frustrations they didn’t know they had.

2. A Smarter Siri. Yes, Siri is even smarter this time around. Now, she can search more topics to find the right answers faster than before. And taking another cue from the benefits of customized retargeting, she’ll give you helpful suggestions (before you even ask) based on questions you ask and your search history. This update will recalibrate user expectations as far as the accuracy and speed of search results, and we’re already thinking of ways to mimic this in our SEO programs.

3. An Improved Foundation. Why bring up something as boring as foundational stuff? Let’s just say battery life is supposed to be much better. And performance is supposed to be far more responsive and altogether quicker. The system will actually be designed to trim battery life – in multiple areas of your phone – to protect usage (this way you don’t have to remember to shut down every. single. thing you have open). We’re also happy to see Apple will introduce more security to keep all of your personal information on lockdown, making it much more difficult for anyone to access it. This is one of the keys to great programming, and something that we value: making sure that the foundation is never weakened in the effort to make a flashy front-end.

Looking forward to launch!

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