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Leap Ahead - How to Maximize Your Time This Leap Year

What Neko Atsume Taught Me About Marketing

neko atsume

By Nikki Kowbel

An adorable app has been taking Ascedia by storm: Neko Atsume, or Kitty Collector. This “pointless but brilliant” game involves attracting cats to your yard. The visiting cats then leave you a seemingly random number of silver or gold fish, which can be used to purchase food and toys to attract even more cats. 

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Web Development: It Takes a Village

web development team

By Jessica Gleason

Did you know the World Wide Web turns 27 years old in 2016? In less than three decades it went from an idea in the mind of a British computer scientist to an integral part of our lives. The Web is young and is still growing and changing with each passing year. How we build websites is evolving too. So when a project at Ascedia is placed in the hands of web developers, how are we are able to keep up with this quickly-changing industry and produce a quality product? It all comes down to the kinds of people who fill development roles.

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When Is an Idea More Than Just an Idea?

hankr logo

By Tom Johnston

Business ideas are a dime a dozen. At one point or another, everyone has come up with an idea for “the next big thing.” With new ways of investing in production and development, more of these concepts are being brought to market every day. Funding is only one stepping stone on the path to success, and there are plenty of ways to get money to support a business idea. But as most inventors know, having a pile of money doesn’t guarantee that their new product or solution will stand the test of time.

What separates the good ideas from the great ones – and what separates our sister company Knihter from other agency incubators – is strategy.

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