Why Your B2B Company Needs a Facebook Page

b2b facebook marketing

Everyone is on Facebook? It’s true! According to Zephoria.com, as of February 2, 2017, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, with 1.23 billion who log into the social network daily. Plus, there are 1.15 billion daily active users on mobile.  You might be thinking – “That’s fine and dandy, but no one is looking for B2B industries on Facebook.” Let me be the first to (politely) tell you that you’re WRONG! 
Facebook offers two great resources for business: social platform and advertising. First, let’s discuss the wonders of Facebook as a social platform. Facebook is FREE. It literally costs you nothing to start a Facebook page for your company. Your Facebook page acts as a billboard on the Facebook map that helps draw in past and potential clients. 


Again, you’re probably thinking, “B2B clients aren’t looking for me on Facebook.” Here is where your digital marketing strategy comes into play – Facebook pages are all about your brand. Facebook SHOULD NOT be the place where you’re trying to sell — it  SHOULD be the place you engage and convince a potential client that you are the company they should partner with. Facebook pages can also be a wonderful way to show that you value customer service and that you are always accessible, and it gives you a great opportunity to showcase your company culture and what makes you unique.


Facebook has spectacular creative posting outlets that include photo albums, link sharing, and Facebook Live, a live streaming video in-app function. Let’s say that you are a metal stamping company trying to attract new clients in the market for custom metal stamps.- Why not take a Facebook Live video of creating an actual metal stamp?! It isn’t a process that the every-day Joe may be familiar with and your short, on-the-fly video could spark interest in that not-so-every-day-Joe who needs a custom metal stamp and now is familiar with your company!

Sharing testimonials, previous work samples or case studies are another  great way to establish your brand. This type of content helps Facebook users bond with your brand and inspire them to learn more about your business. Facebook is a great place to share blog content, highlight employee stories or post video testimonials of real people talking about their real experiences with your company.


So you’ve created a Facebook page for your company and pumped it full of great, creative content. Now what? 

Advertising on Facebook is far easier than it sounds. Any page on Facebook can set an advertising objective, including driving traffic to your website, promoting a video you’ve posted or generating lead with essentially any budget. The real beauty or Facebook advertising is that you can tap into those billions of Facebook users through targeting. Facebook allows you to target an audience with parameters as broad as gender or as specific as a man, aged 20-22, who speaks Polish, lives in Calcutta, uses Dove Soap and has interests in manufacturing.

Your potential clients are on Facebook – don’t miss out on your chance to reach them because you think they aren’t! Ascedia can help you build your strategy – contact us today.

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